to my mom, and the reason why i think i became a filmmaker

a film for mother's day, but also a historical and (implicit) explanation as to why i think i ended up becoming a filmmaker after years of thinking i wanted to be anything-else-but as my career.

i recently got all of my parents' mini dv tapes digitized for a different project, and haven't really got to sit down and watch through them all until a couple days ago. i am proud to know that the things that make me feel like 'izzy' are so evidently the product of what my parents imbued in me since i was a baby (and that are shown here) – art, exploration, appreciation for slower moments. i am so lucky to have lived this childhood.

i owe it all to them. happy mother's day, mama

p.s. i think my dad my made me a filmmaker because he kept giving me the camera.

a film by Izzy Rael

Short Documentary

*Visual Diary

Director / Cinematographer